Monday, June 14, 2021

WOL, I have some ranting to do


  1. Why can’t people get Titan Unreal? It’s been out for nearly a month now and people just can’t get it together? We all got Shiva Unreal within a week. Why jot Titan? His mechs are simpler. Just a lot if dodging. All the raiders who do ultimates etc can’t seem to get this fight down. I’m no pro but I manage to stay alive until we have to reset because too many perma deaths. Haizzz I don’t know.

  2. Black Mages, you the shit. I can’t complain in your damage. But what damage do you do if you don’t get out of the stuff that kills you. It’s like, you find your spot and don’t want to move. A tank cleave can be facing you and you refuse to leave. You die way too much. We used to make fun of Dragoons floor tanking but not anymore. You guys die by sheer stubbornness whereas the Dragoon just lands in the shit after doing their moves. If the sheer stubbornness is fulfilling, it’s the bad attitude if you are not being raised right away. The healer is not there for your benefit. You chose to stay in the poop. It’s your choice. It’s the healers choice to raise who they think is a priority. Those who purposely stay in poop has the absolute lowest priority. Get over yourselves and get out if the poop.

  3. The next is the art of learning a fight. I know we all have learning curves. Some learn slower than others, I understand that. However, if we wipe to the same mechanic more than 5 times then you are either trolling or just not trying. We can’t possibly learn other mechanics because you can’t seem to grasp the 1 mechanic. Please don’t waste people’s time if you don’t want to learn. At this point, if we can’t make it past 1 mechanic in 5 tries, I’m leaving party/duty. I’d rather be in a serious party with actual progression.

  4. Ok, now for mechs in 24 man raids. Each raid has their own nuisance. But some may be the same with a different skin. My 2 annoying fights; Duns Scaith and Ridorian Lighthouse (I think, it’s one with the clocks). In DS there’s a boss where you have to change puddle from water to fire and vice versa. People pay the fuck attention. If you see player set the puddle correctly, don’t go walk in it and fuck it up. This can wipe the fight. Stay away from the puddles, especially if you don’t know what to do. Now the Ridorian one, there is the clocks you have to step in, in order to redirect an AOE. The best set up is for the clocks to point to the corners so it doesn’t blast the parties. If the clocks have been set correctly, don’t go and walk in the clock and change the direction and blast the party. The fuck!! Pay attention. Learn your mechanics. If you don’t know it, leave it to more experienced players. We don’t want to spend hours in these raids because of constant wiping. Also all the raids tend to have a function that require to separate mobs to kill as they can’t be if they are tethered together. Tanks, you job is to get the hate and lead those mobs away from their buddies. They must die on their own. I don’t know why this is difficult. Maybe I just have too many expectations.

  5. Sprouts, yes you noob. If you are new to duty, please say something at beginning. That way we understand that you’ll make mistakes. We will give pointers.

  6. Mentor, don’t be a dick.

This list is a lot longer than I expected it to be. Peeves just started rolling off the fingers. I will probably have a part 2 eventually.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Picture Diary of Sorts

Looking at my new surroundings. Adventures get all the excitement in traveling.

Ember and I chilling and bonding at an old Garlamand Base - Castrum Oriens

Hubby says to hurry. Area is not safe. Too many Qirin roaming around.

Look, I'm swimming. Ah, the water is soooo refreshing.

Gorgeous city. Reminds me of my travels to Asia.

It's the butt, but I finally got my Sylph beast tribe mount.

Don't remember the name, but it reminds all of the game Jenga. I would have loved to see how the natives built this tower.

More swimming, yay!

I'm under water. I am blessed by the water, so I can breathe like a fish now, no gills necessary.

Even my mounts are blessed.

Won fat cat minion from my Free Company's Raffle. Lowest roll got the cat. My RNG finally paid out.

Hubby and I on a much needed relaxation.

Got my Ginga mount from 10 wins at Frontlines (PvP)

Finally got my mount for finishing Sahagin beast tribe quests.

Emanation - the most beautiful trial. Do not let the beauty distract you, she's pretty deadly, lol. But it's breathtaking.

The Yoh mount. I love this mount. It is so pretty.

Friendly battle with my buddy Lyse. This shot was pretty great. I had good timing.

Bennu mount gift from Hubby. Besos to him.

Bard Level 70  relic gear. Story completed and Job completed. I am an end gamer again, lol. Not that I do endgame content. I dabble in it.

Guess who's back!!! Should I trust him?

Opening Omega raid. Looks pretty don't it?

The imagery in this game is so awesome. Look at this picture? I could frame this and hang it in an art gallery. It's so stunning.

Moonfaire Fireworks. They do pay attention to the smallest details in this game. Makes you feel like you really in this world. Easy immersion. You have to remember what is reality.

Made it to the final floor of the Lost Canals of Uznair. This lion was just a pussycat.

Mount from Garuda fight. I lucked on this during a wonderous trails run. Yay me.

My first pony farm and got this from Ifrit. Won it with only a roll of 67. But the party leader was a jerk and the party was a bit tense going forward. Hubby got first horse, I got the 2nd, and the leader got the 3rd. We were in there for 2 hours. But I also lucked out in this run and also got this..........

BAM!!  Nightmare. with a roll of 47.  Blam!!!!!! Who wins with low rolls like this? Me, that's who, lmao. But in all seriousness, this was my lucky day. I don't usually get this luck.

Also got Titan's mount too.  Hubby and I decided to try duoing this at first, but we couldn't. He kept putting us in goals so we kept losing so we got a 4 or 5 person party and we knocked out ponies. We also tried to duo Leviathan but it's too much for both of us. So I have like 3 more to go, then I can get the Kirin mount.

Well this is my picture post. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

In Midst of a Storm

Hubby and I are finally back from our vacation. Stormblood launched before we came back and we were seeing so many issues going on the game via Reddit, that we were worried if we actually can play. So far so good. We didn't fall in the Rauhbaun crash issue. Only issue is that even though hubby and I are in a party, they still separate us into different instances. So we have to zone and try to get into the same one. It really is annoying.

So far, I have gotten my RDM, but really haven't done much with it. I haven't even gotten to level 51. It is fun so far. I am going thru the main story quest with BRD. My BRD is now 63 and I have done 2 job quests. I guess the next is at level 66 I gather. We have only done 1 dungeon so far. We do have another to do today.

I am really loving the stories and the scenery. Square Enix always comes thru on that. I am also enjoying the game because I'm doing it with my hubby. I have a lot to do.


  • Finished Sylphs beast tribe quests
  • Expert roulette was accomplished - now it is moot since new expansion, at least I'm up to date.
  • Accomplished finishing majority of quests. Left the leve quests and the Post Moogle quests. Leves I probably won't do unless I'm desperate. Post Moogle will give me stuff to do on down time.

Working On:
  • Main story quests
  • Sahagin Beast tribe quests
  • Leveling RDM
  • Leveling BRD

There is so much to do now. I am loving the expansion. 

Here are some pics.

Scenary is gogeous

Look Ma, I'm,m swimming

 More Swimming in clear water. Beautiful blue water. 

Under the Sea, Under the Sea

Settlement under the Sea

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Waiting for Storm Blood

So it’s been couple of weeks since I last posted. All is doing well. Still enjoying the game. I’m improving on my DPS and learning playing with Wanderer’s Minuet. That was my biggest issue when Heavensward (HW) came out. It’s all about to change again in Stormblood (SB).  So let’s list my accomplishments:

  • I got my BRD up to ilvl 240 
  • I did the 3 big raids: Void Ark, Weeping City and Dunscape
  • I completed all dungeons for my level 60 roulette
  • I finished 2 beast tribes and gotten mounts: Ah’malja and the Kobolds
  • Finished all of Main Story Quests
  • Finished Hildebrand and scholastic quests

This is what I’m working on now:

  • 2 beast tribes (Sylphs and the Ixals) 
  • Opening expert roulette (all I need is to do dungeon Solm Al Hard Mode)
  • Getting other quests done that I didn’t pick up yet so I don’t have to worry about them in SB
  • Working on leveling Carpenter (my first disciple of Hand – DOH)

I am taking my time and enjoying the game. I will work on 2 beast tribes at a time. The old ones move so fast now that I am I am over leveled for them. By time I touch the HW beast tribes I will be over leveled by then too. I have the Sahagans and the Allied wrap up to do before I even start the HW ones.

I also no longer have bubble guts going into big battles.  I’m more steady handed. So here’s my list of what I haven’t done but in my are in the works for future:

  • Extreme primal trials
  • Alexander Raids
  • Binding Coil Raid
  • Mount/Minion collecting (some of this is done with dungeons, trials and searching) l
  • Palace of the Dead (much sooner than later)

I will be off the game for a while though. My mother is coming to town and then hubby and I will be finally going on a much needed vacation. Stormblood releases just as we leave for vacation so when we get back, hopefully everyone will be a pro at the dungeons lol.

Here are some pictures from my adventures:

 Cool graphic of old time heroes in Hildebrand Quest
Got my mount from the Kobolds

Well carry on and will catch you upon my return.
Red Mage for the WIN

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We're Back

After nearly 2 years of not playing the game, we decided to come back.  I will probably make a post every now and then. We left after finishing up the story to Heavensward.

We are at the eve of the new expansion called Stormblood. This is why we came back. They are introducing my favorite job into the game: Red Mage.

When I logged onto the game, I couldn't believe how much I missed the game. I missed the story, the characters, the feel, all of it. I, of course, have to re-learn the game. I don't remember how to play my character job much anymore. I just learned how to take screenshots again. So I will post some pictures later.

What we have done so far:

  • Get ilvl 235 gear from PvP merchant
  • Do daily roulettes for games
  • Finished up to 3.2 patch for story line
  • Completed Hildibrand quest lines (my favorite side quest)
  • Tried Void Ark

What we plan on doing:

  • Finish up Story quests (up to Nidhogg Trial)
  • Get appropriate gear
  • Try more Raids
  • Level up Red Mage once it is released. 

It's good to be back. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is for the Healers

For all my peeps who play a MMO. Especially a healer, this picture is for you.

I can't help laugh every time I see this.

*** Note: I did not create this picture. It has been in my media stream and I am sharing with you guys for fun. I am not getting paid to display this. If  you are the creator, thank you for the wonderful picture.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Awesome Videos

I love watching videos and looking at pictures of XIV. My husband found me 2 of the most awesome videos on  YouTube.  If you haven't played XIV, you should want to play it after these 2 videos.

Look at how beautiful this game is. I'm just in awe of how the developers can make this world so beautiful.

This video is just awesome. I can't say anything more on that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shitty People (Rant.... Sort of)

So tonight right before ER maintenance, hubby and I get on game. We did a trial roulette. I updated a piece of gear. Then we watched a video guide for Fractial Continum (FC) before we head in there. As you know video guides are just that guides. They give you an idea what the mechanics are and what the bosses do. While actually playing the game can be different due to party make up etc. So you can gather, that this is our first time for this dungeon. So let me get on with the my gripe. 

So we enter FC and of course the party gets the message that there's new player. Tank even said, 'oh new meat'. So party make up, blm, whm (hubby), brd (me) and drk. So we are going thru mobs fine. We made the 1st boss with no issue. Now the tank wants to speed run I guess because he won't stay out of AOEs, same as the Blm, which is causing strain on hubby's mp. I had to use mages ballad to help him out with mp. Tank dies. There's no mp to cure if he keeps standing in aoe. We end up wiping and having to get back to where were. Then we finally get to 2nd boss. We get thru it without a wipe. Then we are doing trash before next boss. Drk still doing the not dodging aoes. Then blm dies with tank. One of them asked if one of us were dual boxing cause we can't seem to bring dps and keep these two alive. I was going to say something but hubby said don't bother answering them. So I didn't say anything. Then we get back to place again, pass some mobs and then made it room where you jump platforms, and tank of course does he what he does best. We die but we don't have time to finish dungeon anyway. Then tank starts to bad mouth hubby and I to blm. I left the party and duty before I could respond. Hubby was going to say something but they left party. Tank also stated it shouldn't take 40 mins to do this dungeon when it should only take 20 mins. 

I mean come on. We are new to dungeon and guide doesn't say how taxing it is to heal when tanks and blms. don't dodge aoes. People have too big of a stick up their asses. If they don't want new players in dungoens, then don't fuckin' use Duty Finder.  I have to say, I am not a horrible Brd and hubby is an awesome whm, never really have too much issues in dungeons. At least we now have a feel of the dungeon and will probably do a much better job next run. 

*Originally posted on Reddit (7/14/15 11:13 pm)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Level 60

I have made level 60 in 2 weeks which is much better than the year it took me to reach level 50. I made it a priority to level this time. I will be slowing down now. I have things that I put off to do.

Well getting 60 was not bad. Not much of a grind. If you do all the quests, you pretty much level. Also toss in some hunts and a few fates. Otherwise it was pretty seamless.

The terrain was interesting. It certainly make you feel like you have to fly. Just to get flying was an adventure. FYI, everything aggros. There are no safe areas (unless in a town). With the flying you are able to do sightseeing easy. I was not planning on doing sightseeing. However, if I past a spot, I stop and do it. I haven't even looked at the log.

Flying is fun but you can lose your friend easily if you are flying together, just by flying at different levels. I am not great at camera movement. I drive my hubby crazy, lol.

So we finished the MSQ last night. The story is just awesome. We lose some characters we like and some we hate. There are still so many unanswered questions. One question was definitely answered. We do find out where Nidhogg's other eye is/was. So much has happened and much more to happen.

So we've done 3 trials. One I disliked was Bismark. You can find why here. Ravana and the surprise trial was pretty okay, mostly standard. Funny story, last night my hubby convinced me to do a trial roulette. He said "it's max 10 mins, easy way to get Law." I'm tired so I said fine. We both queue up in DF. His pops first. He gets the Hydra fight. Mine pops 5 mins later. What do I get? Ravana!!! That's not a 10 min fight. I was wishing for a Giglamesh fight.

The saddest thing about the new expansion is that Y'shtola is no longer my twin. 😔 But she looks awesome tho. She's a but edgier. I like it.


My new goals:
1. Minion gathering
2. Mount gathering
3. Gear hunting
4. Plow thru beast tribe quests.
5. Complete extra dungeons to get access to extreme roulette

Some Pics:

 Someone annoyed me
 Really? Song of Oblivion my ass.
 Laughed at this creation, All I thought was the Dragon Ball Z Super Sayan Merge Dance
Story is done for now. :(

Monday, June 22, 2015

Heavensward Weekend

Heavensward Yay!!!

So this weekend was early access for Heavensward. You know hubby & I were all over it, starting Friday.

I must say, the new areas are expansive and beautiful. It's like a clear distinction between ARR & HW. They are like 2 different worlds. HW has 6 new areas, each massive. That is why we have the ability to fly.

The main story picks up from left off. It so far covers Ishgard issues and some ARR issues (that whole frame up issues). The new side quests and Beast Tribe stories are interesting. However, some of these side quests should be put under beast tribe quests and not just regular side quests.

So far, there's no grinding in the open. There are fates happening on a regular. We tried a few of them. There are hunt books (really don't know what else to call them, not really the S or A rank hunt stuff). We have tons of quests to do. There's no place that doesn't give you experience.

The only thing that's time consuming is looking for aether currents to fly. As of today, I only have 2 areas out of 6 where I can fly. They are not so easy to get. Sometimes a pain to get. But it is all a part of the fun.

We have also found sightseeing spots with our hunt and flying. I think we found 2 or 3. I haven't even touched those logs at all. They seem to be marking them now. So no guessing needed if you stumble upon them. You still may have to decipher the hint in the log otherwise. If you keep flying, you may find them.

I am really liking this new expansion. I'm having fun. So far I have completed 2 dungeons and 1 trial. First dungeon, Dusk Vigil, was a bit easy. Second dungeon, Sohm Al, was a bit hard but was able to complete on first time. Able to use mechanics learned from ARR that has been ingrained in me. The enemies in second dungeon had way too much HP tho. They didn't go down fast enough.

Dusk Vigil

Sohm Al

At end of day last night, hubby and I were level 54. We are not hardcore raiders who are level 60 already. We are enjoying the game and not skipping cut scenes. We also go to bed at decent hours. But we will be continuing our journey.

Here are some pics:


Look Ma, We're Flying

Beautiful Sunset - Sea of Clouds

Who did this to the poor dragon :(

Nooooooooooooo !

Now entering Jurassic World...

Until Next Time